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January 1998

Chaplain’s Counsel

I am sorry to inform you that we must again participate in the annual March for Life on January 22nd. Yes, I am sorry, not because the march is any great burden, but because our efforts in the cause for human life have not freed our land from this holocaust of innocents. The cover of last year’s Annual Report for the event proposed: “Life vs. Death: No One Can Serve Two Masters.” The truth of these words, borrowed from our Lord, are never mitigated. There is no middle-ground. This is an important point since there are many who claim an allegiance with Christ and yet help to perpetuate the abortion industry. Selfish choices of certain adults are prized greater than the unborn child’s right to life. The money which propels this gruesome enterprise would rank abortion providers among the Fortune 500 corporations of the nation. Killing babies is worth big bucks! The Sony Corporation offered a special musical Christmas CD featuring many famous entertainers with a percentage of the earnings earmarked for Planned Parenthood’s abortion providers. It is blasphemous! Christians who say they believe in Jesus and the Gospel while espousing the so-called “pro-choice” agenda are either the most blatant hypocrites or the most stupid people alive. As once concerned about their immortal souls, I pray that they are genuinely stupid. We need to awaken them for their intellectual coma and the others from their moral slumber. The child in the womb is created in the image of God. Every child is a reflection of the Christ-child. The Good News is precisely a Gospel of LIFE. The sin of abortion, in a most intimate way, is a violation of our Lord and of his saving promise. It is a rejection of Jesus, of the Church, and of heaven itself. Abortion is a renunciation of the incarnation and a rejection of our subsequent redemption. Ironically by treating the unborn child as a thing, the accomplices to abortion are themselves returned to the devil as his illgotten property. In contradiction, we march for Life. We are the Lord’s Knights and are no peons to the infernal kingdom. We march against the powers of hell itself. We march for Christ!

Your Servant in Christ,

Fr. Joseph A. Jenkins, Jr.

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