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February 2003

Chaplain’s Counsel

Dear Brother Knights,

We find ourselves in that short portion of “ordinary time” in the liturgical calendar between the Christmas season and Lent. Of course, in terms of our discipleship and the celebration of our faith, no time is truly ordinary. Every moment is a special grace-filled opportunity for holiness of life and charity. We walk with the Lord. Both the sanctoral list of the Church and the civil calendar give us cause for reflection during February. Although stripped of formal holiday status, we celebrate the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln. Both were truly great men. Fearful that the French would aid the Confederacy during the Civil War, Lincoln put his past biases aside and asked Archbishop Hughes of New York to intervene with them on the behalf of the Union. This was no small matter and could have affected the outcome of the conflict. Washington was desperate during that legendary winterat Valley Forge. The Continental Congress was bankrupt. Washington appealed to his dear friend, anda devout Catholic, Charles Carroll. Later, Washington would write that had Carroll not sent supplies and food, the revolution would have ended that winter. We remember Washington and Lincoln, not forgetting that the Catholic contribution has always made a difference in the land of the free and the home of the brave. All Knights of Columbus are faithful Catholics and patriots.

This month we celebrate as Christians the PRESENTATIONOF THE LORD (2), HOLY NAME SUNDAY (9), OUR LADY OFLOURDES (11), and the CHAIR OF PETER (22), as well asan assortment of important saints. Our Lord is acknowledged as the long-awaited Messiah. We also proclaim him Savior and Lord. We are not ashamed of our Christian faith and the saving name of Jesus. All men and women are invited to know and to call upon this name. Our efforts at evangelization and recruitment are important in this effort. We should also be cautious not to take the name of God in vain. This harms our souls and damages our standing as Christian gentlemen. We also remember Our Lady and her promises at Lourdes. Mary continues to give usher Son and allows us to know his healing touch. The papal feast draws our attention to the Holy Father and the Church that our Lord established. We are preserved in the truth by the guiding hand of God’s Spirit and the ministry of the apostles. We are living during the time of a great Pope and all would do well to study his words and imitate his submission to God.

Peace to you all,
Fr. Joseph Jenkins

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