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We should all be offended by those who deny the historical fact of the Holocaust and the deaths of millions of Jews. Those who liberated the death camps told us what they saw. The survivors told us what they witnessed and endured. We found the showers in which the poor souls were gassed. We also found some of the mass graves and the many pictures that the Nazis themselves took to document their crimes. I am sickened by anti-Semitism; but I am equally upset by the modern day “ostrich-head-in-the-sand” attitude of those who ignore the millions of babies murdered through abortion. Now I can add another type of holocaust denier to my list of the bigoted and depraved. He is represented by Mohammed. No, not the Islamic prophet, but a blogger who has written two letters to my Blog. Here, along with my critique is what he has to say “personally” as a Muslim:


“In a way it is like trusting in God and that He knows what He is doing because He sees the big picture”  Amen

Dear brothers and sisters, Children of Adam

I greet you in with the greeting used by Jesus (May the peace and blessings of God be upon him [pbuh])There is alot of mischief and malice happening in the world today and what we are fed by the media is often not the true picture. Attacks and wars are taking place in the name of religion, but their main purpose is to serve the greedy interest of a few elite.

Here is where he begins his BIG LIE:

There is mounting evidence that the 11 September twin tower bombings were pre-planned demolitions to serve the interest of the new owners who took possession of the property only months before the events took place. Emminent American scientists have studied the events and their conclusion is that the collapse of the twin towers can only take place if explosives (like thermite) used by demolition companies were implanted on the building.

The terrorists themselves have taken credit for this attack against the United States. There is no evidence to the contrary. Two fueled jetliners crashed into the Word Trade Towers. The inner structure of the buildings was damaged. The explosions and later the burning jet fuel finished the job. Thousands died. It was not self-inflicted by Americans or by the owners of the building.

Certainly if one watches the videos of the collapse it looks like a controlled demolition.

It did not take long but the devastation was not immediate like a controlled demolition.  In any case, the videos show the airplanes and we know who hijacked them!  Mohammed lies even about the science of such explosions and destruction. He is giving us propaganda. He is an apologist for murderers, seeking to wash the blood from their hands. His deception and bigotry is so obvious that he further blackens the image or reputation of Islam.

Type the following search in google: “september 11 twin towers review ” or see the following link http://911review.org/Wiki/TwinTowers.shtml (I am not sure whether I am allowed to post url’s hence I put in both the search and the URL address) This evidence implicates the American government as not only having known about the impending attacks, but being complicit in the planning of the attacks.

There are plenty of crazy people who like to see conspiracies in this world. But just because of suspicions or haphazard evidence, does not mean that American officials let this tragedy happen. This terrible business occurred because Islamic extremists resorted to terrorism. They thought that by killing innocent people they could win a place in heaven. Those who would defend their actions are in bed with terrorists and should be treated as enemies of the state. I hope that Mohammed’s URL and his two letters have been seen by the proper authorities.  

Thus the justification of the for attacking Afghanistan and Iraq is lost when the American government is part of the attack on the world trade centres.

But, the justification for Afghanistan and maybe Iraq remains when we accept the truth that this injury was NOT self-inflicted but was the work of fanatical Muslims who hate America and who hate freedom.

Also why were chartered flights picking up Saudi nationals from American cities only days after the september 11 tragedy. Most of the alleged hijackers were Saudi nationals. Should not those Saudi nationals have been detained?

Suppositions are not facts and many in America thought we were immune to such devastating terrorism. Many foreigners were detained by not all Saudis would be our enemies; indeed, we need the cooperation of Saudi Arabia to freeze the assets of terrorists and to wage war in the Middle East.

The answers become obvious when one examines the oil interest in the Middle East. The attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan were not to prevent new terrorists attacks, but they were put in place to secure the oil interests of a few world elite.

We have a huge debt because of our intervention in Iraq. We have yet to touch their oil. No the war was about security, justice, and the danger from weapons of mass destruction.

I have great issue with the word “Islamic terrorists”, for me this is an oxymoron, the two words cannot and never can belong together. (the word Islam means Peace and how can that be associated with terror) As a practicing Muslim and one who is in regular contact with the most conservative sectors of the Muslim community, I have not come across any person who displays a tendancy towards violent action. Rather I see very gentle people who preach love for humanity, rather like our beloved Jesus pbuh.

Where all all the Baptist or Catholic or Lutheran terrorists?  No, the religion has a part to play, especially when so-called spiritual leaders fuel the hatred and violence with their words.  Lying for murders makes Mohammed here one of their agents or associates. Religion can be twisted and Islam is a religion that seems to breed more than the usual share of extremists and terrorists. Islam means PEACE is not an entirely accurate assertion. The definition of Islamic peace according to the Koran and its own scribes is a world where the foreigner is killed or converted; it denotes tranquility when all profess faith in Allah and that Mohammad is his prophet. It means that all must succumb to Islam. As for Jesus, you may have affection for him, but you really do not know who he is.

I think that there are some people with Muslim names who commit acts of violence, but these I see as lunatics or at least as people who have very little control of their temparements. They have been misguided and kill using the name of religion, but they violate all the Islamic rules of warfare. In fact I think that when America attacked Iraq, it did these lunatics a great favour, by providing them the perfect environment to wreak havoc. They want America to stay there so that they can wreak more havoc. They want America to attack more Muslim states so that they can wreak havoc there as well. These people need to be marginalised by not giving them the attention that they want, and certainly by not calling them Muslim.

President Bush echoed your words about Islam meaning peace. The Pope spoke about the need for Islam to put down the sword. Nevertheless, thousands or maybe millions march and shout, “Death to Bush!” and “Kill the Pope!” No, the problem is more than a marginalized few. The argument is made that the U.S., by keeping our enemies occupied abroad, have helped to insure stability and peace on the home front. We fight our enemies THERE so we will not have to fight them HERE.

Unfortunately by America attacking Iraq, it has also opened an oppertunity for some people to become forced to defend themselves and taking arms against the American troops. Thus as long as the American troops are stationed Iraq, there will be a ligitimate armed struggle against it. Unfortunately this ligitimate armed struggle can sometimes be hijacked by lunatics.

You actually said that “as long as the American troops are stationed [in] Iraq, there will be a legitimate armed struggle against it.” Are you in the U.S.? Because if so, and you are a foreigner, such remarks will quickly get you tossed out. If you are an American, then I would call you TRAITOR!

What the region needs is a locally based peace keeping force with troops from neighbouring countries such as Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to be the dominant military presence, stop its persuance of its oil interest in the region and allow ownership of the oil fields by the people of Iraq. With a local peace keeping force there can not be a reason for armed resistance. Those who still insist on violence can then be sorted out.

I bet you would like to have Iraq’s old enemy of Iran in Iraq. It would represent the end to true democracy and the vindication of the extremists and terrorists. Iran is terrorism-central.  (I suppose the weapons of mass destruction quickly hidden in Syria could be brought back into Iraq for later retaliation against the U.S., her allies and Israel.)

Also what is important is that we as people of faith not be fooled by the media, the governments and lunatics whose aim is to divide us and to dichotomise society.

It is also important that we not be fooled by you, Mohammed.

The Islamic model is that of peace and through our prayers and efforts I am certain that God willing we can once more restore peace to this injured planet of ours.

With Peace and Best Wishes


Dear Father Joe

I greet you with the greeting that Jesus (May Peace and blessing of God be upon him [pbuh]) would have greeted with namely Shalom, or in Arabic Salaam, or in English Peace.

Muslims love Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Jesus pbuh himself more than they love their own mothers and their own selves. We see Jesus pbuh as one of the pinnacles excellence than any human can achieve and that his “divinity” is his ability to have formed a connection with God Almighty and realised the purity of the spirit of God that has been breathed into him (as has been breathed into every other person). Many a time in history, people who had achieved this status of being so close to the Divine, have mistakenly been elevated to a level than can only be attributable to the Divine.

Sorry, I do not want to be mean but Islam is a fabricated religion taken from elements of Judaism, Christianity and the various local pagan religions. Muslims believe in one God and regard themselves as sons of Abraham. It is quite a claim, but I am willing to let this much pass. But as for Jesus, the inspired TRUE Scriptures make it very clear. Jesus is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. He is God come down from heaven and made Man. He suffered and died for us on the Cross. He rose from the dead and offered us a share in his life. The mistake of Muslims is that they fail to place faith in his saving name and the role he has as Lord and Savior. Jews also only regard Jesus as a prophet; but of course, they benefit from their historical status as the first people ACTUALLY called by God. Catholics accept and treat the Hebrew Scriptures as their own. Neither the Jews nor the Catholic community give any weight to the Koran (which ignorantly and wrongly defines what Christians understand by the Trinity and other doctrines).

We believe that God is unique, nothing is like God. God has no children, nor can God be born. The belief that God has children is a pagan one, similar to the belief of the ancient Romans. We believe that God is not like His creation, he does not beget nor is begotten and their is none like unto Him.

Not so, God is reflected in his creation. We find the fingerprint of God in everything that he has created. Jesus is the unique Son of God but, in a sense, everything that exists is begotten or finds its source in God.

We believe that the birth of Jesus pbuh is possible through the will and power of God. God has the power to will anything to be created and it will be so. Thus for God to will the conception of Jesus in his mother is very easy for God to do. There are reports of immaculate conception to other pious people thus immaculate conception it appears was not unique to the birth of Jesus pbuh only.

You confuse the Immaculate Conception (Mary conceived without original sin) with the Virgin birth (Christ is born of the Virgin Mary).

However Jesus pbuh was one of the greatest Prophets of God, and a Prophet has a higher status than an ordinary pious person. This still does not mean that we can call Jesus to be a son of God or to call him God, since the nature of the two are very different.

Jesus is more than a prophet; he is also the high priest who offers the sacrifice that heals the breach between heaven and earth. He is also our king and as God’s Son, all sovereignty belongs to him.

Dear Father Joe hope that what I have written clarifies how it is possible to believe in the Virgin birth but not accept the doctrine of the trinity.

If I recall correctly, the Koran defines the Trinity as the Father, and the Son and the Virgin Mary. It then ridicules this Christian teaching. Of course, the real Christian Trinity is the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit. This Islamic fumble is evidence that the Koran is filled with doctrinal errors and cannot be considered inspired by God. This is not to say that there are not some elements of value, particularly those purloined from the Jews and Christians.

Enlightenment can only come from God Almighty, and I pray that He brings both of us closer to Him, to walk the path that Jesus and other prophets walked and through this to find Salvation.

My salvation comes within the Church and through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

Muslims believe in Jesus PBUH and follow the teachings of Jesus PBUH, as what was preached by Mohammed PBUH, is no different to what Jesus PBUH preached. In a sense Muslims are like the early unitarian Christians. We dont call ourselves Christians, nor do we call ourselves Muhammedans. We call ourselves what Jesus called himself and what Muhammed called himself namely servants and submitters to God. In Arabic the term “submitter to God” is the word Muslim.

No, I disagree; Mohammad’s reduction of Christ from that taught by the Christian fathers is not a true portrayal of our Lord. He refashions Jesus into a prophet of his own liking, and no doubt did so to mock the priests who rejected him as ignorant when he sought to study the faith from them. Early Christians did not completely understand the mystery of the Trinity, but Jesus himself gives them the Trinity in the baptismal formula at the end of Matthew’s Gospel.

I am more than happy to enter into a dialouge with you about how we submit to God. I pray that God brings you Peace

Was Salaam

mohammed.alafriqui@googlemail.com | IP:

I am not sure I can dialogue with a person for whom I so little respect. I cannot stomach apologists who are sympathetic toward terrorists. But, I will pray for you, too.

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Teaching Hatred to Palestinian Children

Palestinian Children Incited to Kill Jews

Lebanese Mothers Desire Martyrdom of Their Children

Palestinian Child Abuse

Islam & Iran’s Child Terrorists

Children of Jihad

Muslim Cleric Teaches Children to Die


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This is the SANCTUS from Karl Jenkins’ Missa L’homme armé . We call out to the Triune Holy one and imagine the powerful hosts of heaven.  We sing glory to God while the pride of men drowns us in a sea of blood.

When will the kingdom finally come?

As believers we often beseech God for a share in his holiness.  We cry for peace against the backdrop of a world bent on violence and war.

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts,

Heaven and Earth are full of Your Glory.

Hosanna in the Highest.

Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.

Hosanna in the Highest. 

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This setting for the text from the Requiem Mass is a bit disturbing, particularly when joined to very dark images of death and suffering. WARNING: You may want to listen to it with the monitor off. I would advise against children seeing the images!

While listening with eyes closed, I imagine row after row of marching angels going out to harvest the world at the end of times. It is very powerful.

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