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The UFO enthusiasts have been going crazy over a story (collaborated with the usual blurry pictures) regarding law enforcement and others who witnessed a flying humanoid in Mexico. One poor policeman went into shock and spoke about it as a witch! I watched the footage and found it intriguing. If you can find footage with enhanced visuals it even seems at one point that the figure is walking and enters some sort of small scooter device. He tucks in his legs and then flies through the air, with hardly a pause. It is really quite amazing.

News Report About the Mexican Flying Humanoid:

The coverage, especially on YouTube seems to be overwhelmed now by occultists and fanatics, and yet their footage and presentations seem a little too professional for that of the nut cases. I have to wonder if it is an attempt by certain sources to ridicule the footage and the sightings?

What I discovered recently on YouTube seems to answer the flying humanoid mystery and yet it really does look like science fiction. The flying witch has been identified as the Williams X-Jet, nicknamed the Flying Pulpit.

What is a U.S. top secret device doing in Mexico? Do we routinely test such technology with our neighbors to the south or was someone taking a joyride? Is this the source of many UFO reports? It is really quite incredible and reminds me of transport devices in some of the old Dick Tracy comics.

See a post about THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS

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This funny song does make one think:

Editorials are one thing, but I cannot remember a news commentator speaking this harshly for a major television network:

Okay, he really hates Bush and believes that we have all been fooled. But when the nation had suffered that fateful September 11, we saw this president in a very different way:

President Bush has made some hard choices. I have heard that he weeps over the casualties in the war against terror. I sometimes wonder: presidents come and go, how much difference does it make? Do they really control the economy? Here is a song from a girl who is angry and yet concerned about the plight of things. And yet, while she thinks she sees, she, herself, is blind to the false right of murdering babies in the womb:

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In These Stones Horizons Sing (4th Movement)

In These Stones Horizons Sing (3rd Movement)


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Obviously, this tube video is a pretense. No one in the Church would allow such a thing, even as a trick:

It reminds me of the computer Jesus confessor in the movie, THX 1138:

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JIM: I studied to be a priest. But there was a special girl that haunted my day dreams and my night fantasies. The rector said to give it time and I did. But, after a few years I found it unbearable. I missed Sharon too much. I saw her during the summers and even that was forbidden. We tried not to call it dates even though we knew they were. She was my best friend. We prayed the rosary and even the breviary together. She missed me and yet tried her best to support me in a vocation I thought I had. Nevertheless, I never dreamed about saying Mass or hearing Confessions. All I thought about was holding Sharon’s hand and looking into her eyes.

One day I said I had endured enough. It was not for me. I raced over to Sharon’s house crying. I told her that if I had any vocation, it was with her and that I was leaving the seminary. She fell into my arms and we shared the first passionate kiss either of us had ever known.

BECKY: I loved Joe. I gave more to Joe than a single girl should ever do. He said he loved me but later I found him with another girl. Instead of saying he was sorry, he laughed at me. I was so hurt and angry. And yet, I was surprised when my world did not fall apart. I had thought about being a religious sister, but my relationship with Joe held me back. I went on a discernment retreat and while at prayer became convinced that there was another lover calling me, Jesus.

I cannot say that I have totally forgotten Joe, but I cry no more and know a joy beyond words.

THOMAS: The rector told us that when we heard our names called by the bishop at ordination, we could take for granted that we had a vocation. He said to brush aside all doubts. In any case, it was the 1960’s and rumors were flying that celibacy would very soon be made optional. We got ordained and then nothing changed. I tried to be patient but then classmates started leaving the priesthood and I felt increasingly alone. Then I met Shirley.

Sexual intimacy and marriage was something I often thought about and heard from others, but had never known. Now I could put a face on my desires as a man. Shirley and I did not mean to fall in love, it just happened. I did not want to abandon ministry and yet it looked more and more like the discipline about celibacy would never change. Shirley pressed me that if we waited too long, we could never have a family. But if I left the priesthood, it would break my mother’s heart. I just could not get myself to do it. Shirley never really forgave me and when she married someone else a few years later she sent me a picture of them. On the back she wrote, “This could have been you!” Another man holds her now. Another man shares kisses with her. I have to live with that and the price of my priesthood.

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This is Marie-Adele McArthur singing “Dream With Me” from Bernstein’s PETER PAN. It has some beautiful pieces and is well worth the purchase: Who Am I?, Build My House, Neverland, and this song, Dream With Me.


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Pass the word as quickly as possible…


March for Life: Important Information on Buses If your parish or school plans to take a bus to the Rally & Mass, or March for Life, please note that the District of Columbia now requires that any charter bus (even a school bus not owned by your school) must obtain a Trip Permit to enter the city. The permit costs $50. The bus operator can obtain the permit online at http://dmv.dc.gov/info/trippermit.shtm (click on “Trip Permit”). Failure to do so may result in a $500 fine or 180-day jail sentence for the bus owner. We look forward to seeing you on January 22.

Processing Time: All requests will be processed within 24 to 48 hours upon the receipt of payment and application.

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