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Here is a good picture of the altar and setup for the Papal Mass.

The Mass was a great success!

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The crowd goes wild when they see Pope Benedict XVI.

Here are a series of photos as the Holy Father enters the ballfield.

The Pope is processing toward the altar.

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Beep! Beep!

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Well, here is proof of my presence at the Papal Mass.  My face got a bit sunburned.

I am looking toward the areas where my parish had ticketed seats.

Seeing the Pope was fun and moving, but getting to and from the stadium was tough! 

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The day Mr. Heston died my brother John called me from Baltimore. My brother John and I met Mr. Heston at a book signing in DC a number of years ago. We were told by the store owners, “Just get your books signed, no talking!” Anyway, he came early and sat at a small table waiting for visitors. Guess what? The store manager had made a mistake with the date for the newspaper announcement. Nobody showed up and there was no line! Mr. Heston called us over, pulled out a few folding chairs and invited us to sit with him. The manager was ticked but only grimaced. We had the great actor to ourselves for about half-an-hour. We talked about a number of things, especially the old Hollywood and how things had changed. He signed a pile of books and the pictures we had brought. He said that he never charged people for autographs and that such was a duty to the people who counted themselves your fans and kept you employed. When the word got around town who was there people started to show up and we said our goodbyes.

He is remembered alternately for his religious films and his cult science fiction. That makes him a very special man to a wide range of fandom. May he rest in peace. He was a man who tried to be moral and who believed in Jesus Christ as Lord. That is pretty good in my book… and he kept his gunpowder dry!

  • BEN HUR CARTOON (2003)
  • BEN HUR (1959)

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I was a young adult, 20-21 years old in 1980, and I thought this was a magical film. Little did I know that in 2008, it would still remain a favorite. Always somewhat embarrassed by the language at times, it had the comedy, action and music that tickled the funny bone, pumped the adrenaline, and filled us with moving beats and rhythms!

Almost 30 years later, the music is now the stuff of legend!

The Original MEN IN BLACK, and could they drive and sing… on a mission for God!

Shake a tail feather!

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The reading from Acts sets the stage before the Church’s first council. Gentiles had become believers and yet the matter of circumcision was hindering their entry into the Church. Pharisees who had accepted Christ believed that one had to become Jewish prior to becoming Christian. Paul and Barnabas came to Jerusalem to discuss the matter with the Apostles and presbyters there. Later the gravity of Christ and the new rite of initiation, baptism, would prevail. Jesus is everything for the believer. Jesus in the Gospel speaks of himself as the vine and how we are the branches. His life flows through us. Our faith and works bear fruit because we are a part of Jesus and he lives in us. Everything that Jesus is and does have value.

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