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Faith & Values in the News

Snake-handling preacher dies from rattlesnake bite in West Virginia

He handed the snake to a parishioner and then his mother, sat down and got bitten. He died so I guess he did not really believe after all. Death is always a real possibility. I bit a snake one time, and sure enough it died. Now let all us saved folks go out and play with recluse spiders, agitated pit bulls, and murderous drugged out skinheads… while holding snakes, of course! Where’s the tasty poison?

U.S. Bishops Prepare Catholics for Civil Disobedience: ‘We May Need to Witness to the Truth by Resisting the Law’

The Church is mounting its most massive civil-religious rights campaign since the 1950’s and 60’s.

Awful woman sentenced to jail for viral racist rant

Offensive for sure, but jail time? Was it because she might have caused a riot on the subway, endangering lives (like crying fire in a crowded theater)? Or is it just a case of limiting speech that we find repugnant? I would give the devil his rights under law, knowing that such would safeguard my rights.

Teen wins right to wear ‘Jesus Is Not a Homophobe’ T-shirt to school

Does this mean that kids are also free to wear pro-life and traditional marriage shirts? I tend to doubt it.

Evangelicals respond to Catholic lawsuits: ‘We are all Catholic now’

There are so many frightening issues facing us: government incursions against religious liberty, the redefinition of marriage to include same-sex unions (polygamy will be next), the arming of robotic drones over American cities, the squeeze against tax-exemption for religious institutions, etc. We have to keep our heads about us but it is a dangerous time. What hurts the most is that many of those targeting our values are supposed to be Catholics. We must keep praying for the Church and our Country. Instead of hateful rhetoric, we should also pray for the President and his administration. The litigation, signature campaigns and other activism is necessary; but, I hope civility can be preserved.

Romney Pharmaceutical Chief’s Fundraiser Doesn’t Seem to Faze Pro-Lifers

Where do pro-lifers turn when both Democrats and Republicans resort to blood-money? It makes me weep.

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Faith & Values in the News


Given the impediment of holy orders, he may have attempted marriage but in truth he has merely excommunicated himself and endangered the soul of the woman he says he loves. He seems oblivious of the fact that he will not be celebrating Mass this Sunday and that his days as a Catholic pastor have ended forever. The discipline of the Church will not be changed by the commission of mortal sin. Indeed, if the rule of celibacy is ever changed, there will be no retroactive element for those men who broke their promises. Goodbye sir, and don’t let the church door hit you in the butt on the way out!


A knee-jerk answer to evil is not the answer. I was party to the removal of a priest many years ago who only suggested that he would break the seal in such cases. More than excommunicated, a priest who breaks the seal is damned. Priests would sooner be put to death before violating this sacred trust in the sacrament of penance. We all want to protect our children, but destroying the Church and the ministry of reconciliation is not the answer.


Here comes another salvo against the Church’s religious liberty! It is one thing after another… how dare you withhold communion to a Buddhist and Lesbian… how dare you not pay for abortifacients and artificial contraception… how dare you discriminate and resist same-sex marriages… how dare you oppose IVF and measures which treat a child like a commodity… how dare you expect teachers in Catholic schools to witness the values of the Catholic faith and the right to life! There is plenty of sympathy for the other side, but the rhetoric against the Church in the media and from groups that hate real Catholicism is brutal.


The attack on religious liberty is not just an issue in the U.S., but globally. Here is a story about the UK where the wearing of a simple cross is being outlawed.

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News Stories of Interest

Parents Reject Baby Girl, Want a Boy Instead

I vote that this selfish, sick couple receive NEITHER child. Their little girl should be adopted out to a couple that will love and cherish her. Every year there are around 11 million abortions in India and most of these poor babies are female. It got so bad that sex-selection tests were recently outlawed.

Man Who Became Woman Competes in Miss Canada

Okay, what is next? DNA tests for applicants for the seminary and priesthood to insure male gender? She was born a boy. Her DNA says she is male. But surgery and hormone therapy gave her the outward appearance of a female. This reminds me of the silliness on Oprah a few years ago about a man having a baby. It was not a man but a woman altered to look like a man (with her reproductive organs still intact). As for the Olympics, is it fair that so-called women can now compete even though they may have muscles which reflect their true male biological identity? I may imagine myself as a gazelle, but no wishful thinking will make me one. Oh well, this is all just a new variation on the secular lie that “you can be anything you want to be.” We are not the final arbiters; rather it is nature and it’s God.

86 Year Old Gymnast

Okay, maybe you can be what you want to be? My back hurts just watching her. Amazing!

Choking Dog Dials Emergency Services

My cat would have eaten through the cord, called pizza delivery and have bitten the delivery boy! But this news story is not bad… the dog dialed emergency services on a rotary phone. They still make rotary phones?

The Soap Sisters of New Jersey

Go, Sisters, go! Contemplative and practical, great!

Cardinal Dolan, Right Man in the Right Place

Cardinal Dolan is the right man in the right place at the right time.

Anti-Catholicism in Politics & Against Santorum

Not funny, just anti-Catholic bigotry in the Huffington Post.

9 Year Old Gives Birth in China

Somebody should go to jail! And yet this is not even the youngest. A five year old child gave birth in Peru back in 1939.

Vatican Approves a Blessing of the Unborn Child


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